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Transcoding & Encoding:
Real-World Cases to Advance Your User's Experience

October 7, 2020, 11 am EDT (3 pm GMT)
Elecard and Advanced Media Technologies Inc. invite you to join the webinar "Transcoding & Encoding: Real-World Cases to Advane Your User's Exprerience" in Spanish.
Wednesday, October 7, 2020 11 am EDT (3 pm GMT)
The webinar covers transcoding & encoding challenges and particular real-world use cases. We are excited to share our expertise on transcoding technologies and discuss your requirements on video delivery and streaming services improvement.

Upcoming webinar as we introduce you to the latest in video compression technology.
Webinar program
Efficient transcoding
  • Frees up spectrum to be allocated to data services
  • Avoids occasional service disruption due to oversubscription of the QAM channel
  • Consistent Channel-Change Time
  • Simplifies operation and CPE homologation
  • Simplifies ad insertion workflow
  • Mandatory for OTT deployments
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Encoding quality
  • Power consumption
  • Technical and Hardware Requirements
Unified content delivery
  • MPEG-2 vs AVC/H.264 vs HEVC/H.265
  • Use case for HEVC for Saving the Bandwidth
Content delivery workflow
  • OTT Flow Diagram
  • Use case for Implementation of IPTV and OTT broadcasting of federal multiplexes
We hope that the list of use cases illustrating common challenges broadcasters and service providers encounter will help keep your channels bandwidth under control, free up spectrum to provide more data, and make your viewers happier!
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About AMT:
Advanced Media Technologies, Inc. (AMT) is the performance leader among CATV and High-End Broadband Electronic Equipment Providers. As a value added reseller of high performance products from numerous well known manufacturers, AMT targets emerging technology applications in broadband and broadcast with a complete line of RF and fiber distribution, video, data, OTT, IPTV, and HDTV products. In addition to providing expert in-house technical support for RF and IP video distribution systems to Cable TV companies nationwide, AMT systems integration provides Turn-Key solutions for Digital TV Headends, CMTS and VoIP deployment, as well as Design and on-site Technical Support.
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