StreamEye as a tool for QA and system integrators to test and compare video encoders/transcoders
Learn how to compare 2 video encoders with StreamEye
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Essential information about StreamEye, its main panels, menus and key features.
StreamEye for analysis and detailed comparison of video streams encoded by different video encoders. How to evaluate and test encoder's quality.
Use Case: comparison of two AVC/HEVC encoders with StreamEye.
Webinar video
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Speaker: Andrey Pozdnyzkov
Language: English

Andrey Pozdnyakov, 25 years in digital video, the founder and president of Elecard Group, the architect of Elecard StreamEye analyzer platforms, established the Tomsk school of digital video development, where the roots of today's video compression ecosystem have been formed.

Andrey Pozdnyakov
President of Elecard Group, StreamEye expert, video compression guru
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